Antenna Two RFR-ANT-0101 antennas. See specs
Application RFR-ZM. Configure entire system using the Zone Manager
Cloud RFR-ZM-CL. Optional. Monitor the entire system from anywhere using the Zone Manager Cloud application
Gateway RFR-GW. See specs
Reader RFR-RAIN-2. See specs
RF Coax Cables Two 12 ft cables
Tags RAIN Tags (ISO-18000-6C Gen2 compatible tags. Fully tested with solution)


The RFR-IMS offers a complete end-to-end UHF solution including all required hardware and software needed for customers to track and store IoT data in the cloud and to analyze it for their business purposes. The solution uses passive RFID technology, which is ideal for management of assets and offers the most cost-effective solution for defined inventory areas. The front-end software called the Zone Manager offers a plethora of services including the ability to interface with SaaS or other databases, and enhanced features of alert customization by email or text.

Products included:

  1. RFR-RAIN-2. The RFR-RAIN-2 reader provides a customer with a one command interface to control the reader. It interfaces with the RFR-GW gateway to provide a true plug and play solution.
  2. RFR-GW. The RFRain Gateway allows the user to control and configure a large number of readers and store the data on-premise or in the cloud using WIFI, LAN, or a cellular connection.
  3. RFR-ZM. RFRain’s Zone Manager software offers simple, scalable and secure software to fully control the RFRain solution using a single browser. From small stand-alone systems to fully integrated solutions.
  4. Antennas. The RFR-ANT-0101 delivers the necessery power and read range for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  5. RAIN tags. Sample pack of tags that work perfectly with the RFRain system on a variety surfaces.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Customers do not have to research multiple vendors with the hope of integrating a functioning RFID solution.
  • Experience the benefits of inventory tracking and asset management within a matter of days.
  • The RFR-IMS includes the RFR-RAIN-2 Reader, RFRGW Gateway, RAIN tags, antennas and the RFR-ZM software to start reading tags out of the box.
  • Cloud Support to track assets from anywhere available.