Pulse Innovations

Pulse Innovations is making advanced technology available to all business owners at a competitive price. Our RFID-enabled solutions are streamlining inventory management with fabricated smart cabinets and open-room concepts. Reporting logs allow usage patterns and preferences to be saved and uploaded from a web browser, and aggregated into one centralized platform for statistical learning. Smart, automated reordering is the answer to never running out of supplies again.

These large or small cabinets and stock rooms can be secured to protect assets and control access using smart locks with reactive cameras. Time-stamps of entry and exit, along with a clear visual of who gained access and what was removed, gives necessary reassurance when security matters. Pulse Management Software will detect items missing in real-time and send notifications upon request. The alerts are tied to both security events and reorder points and can be tailored to the needs of the user. Leave the manual work out of taking inventory, and watch human error disappear.


Pulse Management Software integrates customers’ in-house inventory or accounting software with our cloud-based system for storage and analytical reporting purposes.

Our simple to use web interface lets you access and manage complicated features easily.


Real-time tracking, reading schedule and alerts can be programmed for individual needs

Automatic reorder replenishes inventory when it hits a preset low level

Inventory costs reduced, 24/7 visual of stock allows for movement between locations rather than over ordering

Inventory management more controlled, eliminates lost items and tracks important information like expiration dates

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We provide system integrators and customers with hardware and software products that are extremely reliable, easy to install and deploy at a great price.