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Pulse Innovations has created a brand-new vision for automated tracking. The potential for our inventive products is endless. Whether you are looking for access control based on temperature screening or facial recognition for secure entrance, our solutions can be detailed to meet your needs. By utilizing RFID Technology in combination with item level reporting for asset management, inventory tracking, employee and visitor mustering, or event management, our systems cater to your business and ideas. Pulse uses a next-generation smart reader that provides true plug and play applications, and turn-key software and hardware which allows our clients to easily start tracking in real time.

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Pulse Innovations is a technology company located in Easton, Pennsylvania. By developing several radio-frequency identification solutions we have attained curiosity and attention throughout our community and nationally. Our approach, through consulting, is to find solutions that best fit our clients’ needs. As software integrators, Pulse offers ingenuity, integration, installation, and support. We leave our customers with a cutting-edge, sophisticated system that saves time and money, while earning a reliable reputation.

The beginning of 2020 had left our company with a lower demand for our RFID solutions. We pivoted our team’s focus on the pandemic, and what we could do to assist in the recovery of our nation. Pulse introduced the Thermographic Monitoring System.

Imagine walking up to a business or facility and seeing that they have a camera set up inside, and with no contact, it reports your temperature on a monitor when you enter. The immediate reassurance that you are healthy, along with others in that space, is a relief. A sense of comfort comes in knowing that the first symptom for COVID-19 was not detected in the people that surround you. By taking this measure, that facility is emphasizing they respect their employees, and the guests entering.

We are committed to keeping our communities and neighbors safe, especially as the country is reopening. Pulse has been working diligently with businesses, offering this turn-key solution which includes a thermal camera that is non-intrusive and able to quickly scan and detect if anyone has an elevated body temperature. We are staying on top of the news, and bringing this system to who needs it the most.

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Pulse Innovations is located in Easton, Pennsylvania. Please visit our LinkedIn page for new, upcoming projects.

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