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Pulse Innovations utilizes RFID Technology in combination with item level reporting to form solutions for asset management, inventory tracking, employee and visitor mustering, and event management. Pulse uses a next-generation smart reader that provides true plug and play applications, which allows clients to easily start reading and reporting in real time.

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Pulse Innovations has developed multiple new RFID applications with tag-reader communication and user friendly software. Our project approach, through consulting, is to find a solution that best fits our clients’ needs. Pulse offers ingenuity, integration, installation, and support. We leave our customers with a cutting-edge, sophisticated system that saves time and money, while earning a reliable reputation.

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Inventory Tracking

Roaming Assets

Doorway Solution

Windshield Solution

Presence Known

Camera Trigger

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Pulse Innovations is located in Easton, Pennsylvania. Please visit our LinkedIn page for new, upcoming projects.

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