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Pulse Innovations utilizes RFID – Radio-Frequency Identification Technology in combination with item-level reporting to form solutions for asset tracking.
A next generation of smart reader provides a true plug and play application, which allows customers to easily start reading and managing assets in real time.

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Secure Asset Management

Cost-effective solutions

Real-time cloud-based asset tracking

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Here at Pulse, our goal is to make advanced technology available to all business owners at a competitive price.

These solutions protect assets and assign access control using smart locks and interactive cameras.

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Access Control

An NFC Smart lock reader scans your keycard, fob, or other RFID credentials.

Built-in camera captures images that associates employee with item description.

Timestamps on carried out actions with real-time reporting.

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Asset Tracking

The Antenna and Reader together continuously scan all items with an affixed RFID tag.

Item and data analytics can be saved easily through a web browser, which can help track total item usage.

The Pulse Manager software sends notifications through email or text to minimize stock outage.

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Cloud Integration

Captured data is instantly and automatically uploaded to the Pulse Manager software on premise or in the cloud.

All stored data is easily accessible from a web browser.

This advanced cloud-based software can aggregate the data from multiple locations into one centralized management platform.

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The ability to learn the patterns of inventory usage or item preference is at your fingers tips. Visualize how one product is chosen over others, and how quickly quantities flow out the door. Monitor your business with a retro-fit cabinet or an open-air room. Our solutions are infinite.

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